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Tired of searching “book store near me”? Fear no more because you are standing at the right place. Ali Book Store is a book store in Karachi that not only provides high-quality and distinct books but is also one of the famous stationery suppliers in Karachi.

It was April 2004 when exams were on our heads. We all were searching for libraries, book stores near us, etc. However, at that time, it was difficult to find a good online book store in Karachi. The reason was that no one was interested in selling books online and that is when we came up with the idea of starting a book store in Karachi. In 2005, we started this book store; today, we are recognized as the best book store in Karachi.

You can always visit our shop which is located at D.H.A phase 8. We have a very professional and educated team that is willing to help you with their expert opinion. Almost all of our team members are book lovers too, therefore, don’t hesitate to ask them.

We have all kinds of books available, from novels to course books from different educational boards such as Cambridge board, Oxford, etc. We don’t compromise quality and that is why we only have brand new books. Having a new book is like having a motivation besides who doesn’t love the smell of a brand new book?

In addition, to overcome students’ stationary problems, we are also known for being one of the best stationery suppliers in Karachi. If you are looking for Karachi stationary shops, we are here! We believe that these are the tools of education. Last but not least, we also provide office stationaries as well so if you are looking for an office stationeries shop in Karachi, give our shop a visit, you won’t regret it, we promise.


Unique service that you can’t find elsewhere. We are proud of our professional team who helps our customers to pick the right book or stationary. Our team is very friendly, cooperative, and not to mention book experts.

Every reader is different. Everyone has their perspective and we respect that. With a little help from you, we can find the right book according to your taste. Hence, if you get any doubts or second thoughts, our professional team is always ready to guide you to choose what is perfect for you. In short, we got your back!

Customers are our source of dedication. We are here because of our constant customers. Without them, there won’t be any Ali Book Store today!

Deals! We all like deals, what’s not to like about deals, by the way? We have many different deals for our customers. Furthermore, we also provide limited-time discounts too so make sure you keep an eye on our website, maybe you might find your favorite book in our deals?

Our Vision

Pakistan’s literacy rate is around 50% to 55%. This means out of 25 million people, almost half of them are literate. Educating people is a job that we all have to do to make this country grow and what is a better way of educating them than reading books? However, there aren’t many libraries or bookstores, which creates a void.

Our vision is to fill that void by being the best book store in Karachi. There are times when students can’t find the specific book, believe us, we have been there. Today, we can proudly say that we do have the books that you can’t find elsewhere.

Although our vision doesn’t include only books but also stationaries. We aim to provide all those things that a student requires, from books to perfect stationery. Ali Book Store is also known for being one of the best stationery suppliers in Karachi.

Our Mission

Ali Book Store’s mission is to fulfill students’ requirements and that includes stationery items. That is why we also provide stationery items. Our focus is to aid the book-reading community. Reading isn’t just a study material, there are a lot of people in Karachi who love reading and learning new things every day. As a matter of fact, reading books is also a passionate hobby of many people, and to keep the heart beating of the book-reading community, we are available at your service.

We have another milestone and that is to spread our business on every platform. We want to see ourselves as the best online book store in Karachi too. Currently, we are located at DHA Phase 8, however, we plan to expand our stores in all popular towns of Karachi, and then you might not even search “book store near me” after all?


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